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Mrs. Nancy Carol Mercer

November 15, 1943 – March 30, 2023

Only child of Constance Victoria de Solla & Henry Robert Mercer. Mother of Amanda (d.2021), Miranda and Bonnie. Proud grandmother of Xavier. Mom was multi-talented and crafty. As a teenager she learned ballet as well as tap-dancing. She could repair most electrical appliances and she sewed curtains and clothing from her own handmade patterns, had a knack for embroidery and knitted gorgeous sweaters and crochet blankets, and reupholstered the sofa and chairs as needed. The results were stunning. Her handwriting was beautiful, and she enjoyed writing poetry. She was also an artist and could draw, paint, and use pastels. Her gardening skills were top-notch. We always had lovely flowers and plenty of fresh tomatoes, onions, carrots, zucchini, asparagus, potatoes, cucumbers, and even pumpkins.

She enjoyed taking long walks every day and sitting in the park talking about life. She was an enthusiastic reader and master at building puzzles.

She taught us how to make pompoms using a scrap of cardboard and leftover yarn. We had trouble when tying the string in the middle. Couldn’t get it tight enough. Mom came up with the brilliant idea of using cable ties instead. Worked wonderfully. She was smart that way.

She insisted on sharing. She loved cheeses of all kinds. She’d get a wheel of Brie and break off a chunk of it for us. Same for mozzarella when making pizza. She made French fries a weekly treat and there were nighttime snacks of popcorn drizzled with butter or the best milkshakes with Hershey’s syrup.

Coming home from school she would always have a snack ready for us, freshly made Kraft Dinner, toast with jam, peanut butter & brown sugar sandwiches, grilled English muffins with salami & cheese, or poppy seed bagels & cold butter. Her turkey dinner and stuffing were delightful, and she always placed dishes of pickled onions and gherkins on the table. Her beef stew was a favorite especially eaten with crusty bread and it was even good cold. Her charcuterie plates with homemade potato salad and pickles were fantastic as were the Mexicali burgers and Stromboli.

She was always kind to animals and took in her fair share of strays.

She sacrificed a little bit of her comfort for ours. She’d give us the summers at Crosswinds every year. She’d give us her sandwich insisting that we should "eat up". She canceled her own plans to give us a drive somewhere. She helped with our school projects.

She was constantly doing little things for us and sometimes we forgot to thank her. So many times, we let her get away with the "oh, don't worry about me, I'll be fine" statement. **Shame** We didn’t go the extra mile for her.

We also remember our mother trying SO hard. Sure, she “failed” in so many ways; just like we have. Still, we remember her TRYING.

She’d take us out of school and drive us to Mr. Submarine for a super assorted, just because. She did whatever she could to give us the best life filled with belly laughs, good food, and fun. There was a time when we were her world, and we felt it.

In later years she enjoyed quality time with her grandson sharing stories and adventures and all-day fishing trips.

Our mom rebuilt her life a few times over. She was strong, determined, resilient and always found a way to bounce back from hardship and tragedy. She managed tough times and conflicting emotions and took on each day as it came just as she took on her last.

We’re thankful that she brought us into the world. She did the best she could, in her own way, to raise us. None of us pop out with an instruction manual. She lived through some very challenging times and her story is hers, not to be judged, because it is simply what it is. We did not walk in her shoes. While our mother struggled in our younger years, she gave us much information about what works and doesn’t work in adult lives. If it were not for these lessons, then we wouldn’t have become the people we are today. We have to wonder if we would have found peace, joy, patience, love and friendships if she had not shown us where not to find it. We have learned much from her life and our life with her and we are thankful.

Our mom was not perfect, but who in this world is? What we can say is our mother was perfectly herself - the warrior, the teacher, and a woman of great courage. For that, we are ever grateful. Rest in peace mom.

Arrangements entrusted to Maison Funéraire Roussin, 12 Av. Saint-Charles, Vaudreuil-Dorion, Quebec. Interment private and mom will rest at Lakeview Memorial Gardens, 701 Donegani, Pointe-Claire, Quebec.


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