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The funeral Pre-Arrangements: the insurance that our wishes are respected…

A legal contract

The funeral Pre-Arrangements constitutes in a legal contract offering the guaranty to obtain, when the time comes, the rituals that you would have previously selected. By signing a Pre-arrangement contract, you “pre-arrange” the services and products you wish for. This way, you obtain peace of mind and avoid leaving your close relatives in doubt.

Without inflation, nor indexation

At the moment a Pre-Arrangement contract is signed, you pay for the requested services. This amount is not submitted to inflation. In other words, the chosen services shall be rendered at the very rates that were in effect when the contract was signed.


“It is the only thing that death teaches us: that it is urgent to love.”

Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt

Obligation to deposit in-Trust

The majority (90%) of the received sum, from you to the funeral Home, will be placed in an in-Trust account, at the Caisse Desjardins, protected from inflation as well as from any eventual increases. An amount of 10% of the subtotal may be kept by the funeral Home. As long as the products and services are not yet rendered, you are the sole proprietor of the sum deposited in the in-Trust account. It is a great advantage that guaranties your money. The Office of the consumer’s protection is in charge of making sure this law is abided.

Payment options

You may choose between paying in full the amount of the contract at the moment of the signature, or to pay by monthly installments, without interest, on a two year period. The Signature Funeral Home makes it its mission to respect its clients’ budgets and to propose payment modes that are flexible and humane.

Modifying or canceling a contract

You are allowed to modify your choice of funerary services or to correct the information contained in your Pre-Arrangements contract at any given time. You are also allowed to cancel any Pre-Arrangements contract. The Signature Funeral Home reimburses 90% of the given sum, including the accumulated interests. By law, the funeral Home is entitled to keep 10% of the subtotal which represents its administrative compensation.

Contact us for a free of charge quotation (without any obligations) :

By phone : 450-455-3469
Wrote to us : online form
By email :

A Signature Funeral Home consultant will answer to all your questions. He/she could meet with you at our offices or in the comfort of your home.

The free of charge funeral planning

The Signature Funeral Home offers you the possibility to proceed to a funeral planning without any obligations and completely free of charge.


  • Just like funeral Pre-Arrangements but without any payment;

  • Opening of a personalized file for your wishes to be detailed in;

  • Production of personalized plasticized cards so that, in case of emergency, the close relatives may know of the existence of the funeral planning;

  • To be paid only when death occurs;

  • Grants peace of mind and insures that your wishes will eventually be respected.

The only difference between the funeral Pre-Arrangements and the free of charge funeral planning: the prices are submitted to the cost of life indexing.

The free of charge funeral planning
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