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Mrs Marlene Butrym (nee Solga)

1935 - 2020 (85 years)

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BUTRYM, Marlene (nee Solga)


1935 – 2020

Passed away on October 28th, 2020 at the age of 85. She shall be greatly missed by beloved husband Joe Butrym, brother Dieter Solga in Canada and brother Detma in Germany, niece Kim Solga in Canada, Marie Bätge as well as her daughter Mia, nephew Dominik Solga in Germany, Maryla Mickiewicz Pawlowska in Poland as well as other family members and friends.

A private burial will be held shortly, in accordance to her wishes.

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From: Dieter Solga

I am Rolf-Dieter, and Marlene was my beloved Sister. After WW2 at a tender age of 12 in 1945 Marlene became quite often my baby sitter, while our parents made a living to survive the harsh times in East Germany in that period. She grew up quite fast in those difficult years of hardship after the war as did many children in Europe. Marlene became a true leader in 1945: I recall the times she jumped onto the backs of moving trucks as they came slowly up a hill near our house, throwing down coals to heat our apartment stove, and I then would collect them. Or we would collect potatoes or corn after local famers completed the harvest in their fields. The potatoes were our main nourishment; our Dad also used to trade them on the black market for other staples like butter or marmalade. The corn we took to the miller; he would give us flour that we traded for bread at our local backer. Many people in Europe survived in similar fashion in those difficult times after the war.

Our Dad was determined to leave Germany after the war and after being rejected by many countries due to his age he finally had luck with Canada. The Canadian Embassy finally told him: send your oldest child and he or she can then make arrangements to help you and the rest of your family to emigrate. So it came about that Marlene at a tender age of 19 emigrated to Canada in 1954. First she ended up in Winnipeg, Manitoba, looking after a family’s children and taking care of household chores. After some 2 years she moved to Montreal, Quebec, where she worked in several different occupations while she studied and perfected her english. She then worked for Air Canada as a purchasing agent, maintaining along with the purchasing team the spare part supply to keep the Air Canada fleet well maintained and in the air. Marlene retired early and was happily married to Joe for some 45 years.

Marlene was a avid traveler and made many friends in far away lands;she will be dearly missed by family and her friends, including Marie, Markus, and Mia; Dominic and his family; our brother Detma; and my wife and daughter, Linda and Kim.

After a well lived life, Marlene now is in a better place free from sorrow and pain. May the Lord open his arms and give give her everlasting peace.

~ Your loving Brother Dieter ~

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